7 thoughts on “According to most studies”

  1. I agree with that 100%.

    I had to deliver part of my grandmother’s eulogy and hated every second of it. Nerve racking!

  2. The best cure for both those fears is to serve as a Mormon missionary. Nothing quite like talking with strangers about one of the biggest taboo subjects in society, all day every day. And when the Sunday school teacher bails out at the last minute, guess who gets to give an impromptu lesson?

      • agree with big Al. Also, if one can remember the people are there to learn or be lifted or reminded of something important, and beautiful, the ego wont drag one all around in fear. The focus will be trying to help/teach others, not on oneself and whether one looks, sounds weird. Rememebr everyone is weird. Youre not special that way. lol

  3. You see, I quite like public speaking and I’m self-centred enough to wish I could deliver my *own* eulogy.

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