Adult Trade Sales down in January, Kids Up

From Publishers Weekly:

Sales of adult trade books fell 7.3% in January compared to the first month of 2018, according to the AAP’s StatShot program. Sales in the children’s/young adult category rose 4.3%

The decline in adult sales was due largely to a 19.5% drop in hardcover sales compared to last January, when Fire & Fury was a huge hardcover hit. Mass market paperback also had a weak start to 2019, with sales down 26.6%. Digital audiobook sales showed no signs of slowing in the month, up 37.5% over last January. E-book sales fell 4.1%, according to a composite of data from the 1,374 publishers who report to the AAP.

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  1. Oh no! The ‘adults’ are discovering online!

    Aren’t we about due a Data Guy ‘the rest of the story’? (Or was there one and I missed it? 😉 )

    MYMV and you be discovered by those that would like to read you.

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