Age Problems with The Passive Voice

PG has received a few emails concerning various parts of The Passive Voice not working as they did in days gone by.

For example, he just received an email about the Subscribe without Commenting function.

Feel free to let PG know about those types of problems, either in comments to this post or via the Contact PG link at the top of the blog.

Some of the visitors to TPV know more about WordPress, WordPress Plugins and the vagaries thereof than PG does, so feel free to point out likely suspects causing any sort of misbehavior.

3 thoughts on “Age Problems with The Passive Voice”

  1. Yes. “Subscribe without Commenting” (paraphrased) is not working for me (iMac, Firefox). It used to be found near the bottom right above or below the Akismet spam notice.

    I really liked/appreciated that link. Hope it comes back (but have no idea how to advise you on that, PG).


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