AI Analysis of Novels Written by Four Authors

If you read TPV in the way many do – from the most recent to the less recent posts, what follows for you is the results of ChatGPT (3.5) analyses of novels written by several different novelists that are known by many.

PG hasn’t read anything Danielle Steel has written, but has read most or all of the novels of Tolstoy, Fitzgerald and Hemingway, in most cases, several decades in the past (although he has been thinking of rereading all three of these authors together with several more that PG regards as notable masters/mistresses of their art and craft).

Feel free to praise/criticize, agree/disagree with any of the AI analyses.

PG isn’t certain exactly what materials ChatGPT has swallowed that are relevant to his queries, but for most subjects, they are voluminous, enough raw material that no human or groups of humans (short of the populations of large nation-states – maybe) would be capable of reading it all.

That said, there is no rule governing huge computer systems that guarantees they will not make huge mistakes.