All is Well at Casa PG

PG had a couple of pressing jobs to do yesterday and it took him a lot longer than he expected it would.

PG is not dead or ailing.

He tries to post here on a daily basis or warn visitors if he’s not going to be posting in advance. He does this, in part, because some visitors have expressed worries over the reasons for PG’s absent posts in the past.

He assures one and all that, shortly after his death, he’ll turn to a disembodied computer (He knows they’ll have Windows in Hell, but wonders if it can exist in Heaven. If not, all the Mac people will have the ultimate “I told you so” moment.) and log in to post farewell.

Yesterday’s last job was one that PG should have been able to finish in much less time than he ended up spending on it. PG will spare you the frustrating details, but, unlike the legal work PG does, some computer tasks require what (for PG) are idiotically detailed preparations that must be exactly right down to the very smallest detail.

PG can understand that. He tends to fall into detail-oriented (OCD, but functional) mode when he’s doing important tasks. That’s a good thing when he’s writing a contract or analyzing one.

However, unlike with some computer tasks, when PG makes a small change in one part of the contract, while the change may affect or be affected by one or more other provisions in the agreement, it doesn’t cause the entire document to refuse to open or to disappear or to insert smiley-face icons on every page.

For PG, the last half of yesterday was one filled with suddenly-appearing then disappearing haunted and devilish smiley-face icons (metaphorically speaking).