Amazon Advertising Analysis Tools

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PG has been looking at various tools for analysing Amazon Advertising.

He has tried out a bunch of these types of tools over the years and has not found one that really fits him.

He won’t name names, but the UI on more than one of these tools is pretty crude.

PG has mostly used Excel spreadsheets, but would like to find something that could do a better job of showing him what ads and advertising strategies work and what don’t. He just checked and he has detailed data from 118 advertising campaigns on his Mother of All Excel Spreadsheets.

He’s also looking into various key word generators. Again, he’s tried out more than a few and hasn’t found his true key word love either.

Feel free to share suggestions in the comments, including likes/dislikes about the tools you’ve tried. You can also use the Contact PG link at the top of the blog to share your thoughts and opinions with PG privately.

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  1. I do like KDPRocket and bought the newest version today, but I’ve heard about systems that are more integrated into the KDP world, but haven’t found anyone who has used them.

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