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Amazon Giveth, Amazon Taketh Away and Now… Amazon Giveth Again!

27 April 2016

From The Book Designer:

A few years back, authors and small presses could participate in a number of marketing programs at Amazon.com.

BUY X GET Y was one of my favorites. You could contact Amazon and request a link from your book to another book of similar appeal. It was not inexpensive, but it was a terrific program that exposed your book to readers interested in books similar to yours. Listmania was a free program that also linked similar books. There were FEATURED PAGES. A small press could purchase a page on Amazon that highlighted a series or group of books in a kind of “landing page”. There were a number of Amazon marketing programs like these and others that were slowly raised out of reach for small presses over the last 5 – 10 years.

Thus began the long dry stretch of desert for single title authors and small presses. Simply put, we were not given any opportunities to participate in Amazon’s marketing programs. Sure, there were tricks and manipulations we could learn, but they were not as effective as participating in Amazon sponsored marketing. Once BUY X GET Y and other programs were placed out of reach, the small press was significantly hampered and not able to compete with the bigger houses that still had marketing programs available.

. . . .

Amazon announced last week that they are launching AMS, Amazon Marketing Services. The program works like this:

As an Advantage or CreateSpace publisher you sign up for AMS and pay an annual fee of $99. This is charged to your account as a deduction of your sales so does not require up-front payment.

Once you are an AMS “member”, you will have access to marketing programs previously reserved for Amazon’s bigger vendors.

. . . .

Keyword/Tag Pay Per Click Advertising

This offering is my current favorite as AMS allows you to increase discoverability of your titles on Amazon.com by letting you set your own budget for a particular keyword or phrase. Depending upon your budget and the desirability of the keyword, your book can rise very high in the search page and you ONLY PAY if someone clicks on your book. Your click budget can be as low as $100.

“A+” Detail Pages

Want video, sample page shots, extra photos and other “juicy” offerings on your book’s page? Now you can have it! $600 gets you a LOT more on your detail page. The “A+” detail page is a deluxe detail page featuring advanced formatting and rich media content (detailed descriptions for example) to enrich the shopping experience for customers.

Link to the rest at The Book Designer and thanks to Barb for the tip.

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19 Comments to “Amazon Giveth, Amazon Taketh Away and Now… Amazon Giveth Again!”

  1. Amazon giveth, Amazon taketh, Amazon selleth what they were giving before.

  2. So do those who don’t sign up get their books hidden even more from being discovered?

  3. Woo, I’ve been waiting for a post on this service. Has anyone tried this yet? This is the program that lets those ad boxes show up under the buy button when you’re looking at books. They have the photo and blurb of some other book you might like (though some of the choices have seemed odd to me).

    I spotted a couple of indies doing these, and one also had a “sponsored ad” appear in the also-bought carousel.

    These ads seem like the kind of things any business would do. That is, paying for ads in a venue where potential buyers would frequent. This seems like Amazon’s answer to Facebook ads.

    Good idea? Bugs? Kinks? Anyone know?

  4. I checked the linked page, and clicked “Get Started.” It asks which accounts you have, and I selected “KDP.”

    I was then told to sign into my KDP account and click “Promote and Advertise.”

    I can’t. I don’t have any titles in Select at this time, and won’t be putting any into Select in the near future.

    Guess that means I can’t use the “new” service (which has been partially available for awhile via Select).

    • Grr. Then this is not the program I was thinking of. That one didn’t say you had to be Select. I think it was supposed to be joining Amazon Advantage or Amazon Vendor Central.

      Or I didn’t get far enough into it 🙁

    • You are correct. I had visited a different page a few nights ago, and I’d landed on the vendor/advantage pages. But the one that would be of interest to most indies does require Select. It’s here, for interested observers (select author):


      So never mind.

      • I have a couple of boxed sets in KDP/KU but I am not seeing any link on my dashboard. Since I plan to keep those boxed sets in KDP/KU I’d like to check this out. Any suggestions as to where to look?

    • Too bad. I won’t be going to Select, either. Guess I’ll keep on muddling through on my own.

    • The program WILL be available for advantage folks and other print book authors as of May 1. I think we need to wait until May 1 for the links to allow us to access online.

  5. So would this be sorta like paying for co-op at Barnes and Nobles? End cap display, favorable placement, etc…

  6. bewildering that something exists, but only for the few. again.

  7. So, paying for reviews is bad…unless you’re paying Amazon $1,500 for reviews? Am I reading this right?

    • Re-read it a few times. I suppose we’re not paying for the reviews, we’re paying for Amazon to include our book in a list mailed to reviewers (much like other sites have begun doing the last couple of years, except Amazon has a heftier price tag).

    • Excellent point, Melinda. Buying Vine reviews is still buying reviews, even if the reviewers are unpaid (they get a free book).

      I recall that other services where authors could pay for unbiased reviews had their reviews deleted.

  8. According to this article, the program doesn’t open until May 1. Whatever you’re seeing at Amazon or your Amazon Marketing page is not this. I couldn’t find the press release/announcement the writer was referring to.

    • The release was emailed to me in advance of the program being announced. On May 1, it will be rolled out online as well. I have a copy of the release as a PDF if you would like to see it.

  9. I’m worried this will be another scheme for extracting profits from authors. If you buy in, you maintain existing visibility while paying Amazon for the privilege. If you don’t buy in, your books become invisible. This is my pessimistic fear. I hope I am wrong.

  10. Createspace told me to contact Amazon directly about AMS

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