Amazon launches £20,000 KDP prize

From The Bookseller:

Amazon has launched a £20,000 cash prize for authors who self-publish their work on its Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform.

The Kindle Storyteller Award will be given to an English language title published through KDP between 20th February and 19th May this year.

Amazon said readers will play a hand in selecting the shortlist, compiled using “a number of factors which measure customer interest in the titles” along with a panel of judges made of up Amazon executives and literary figures.

Along with being awarded a £20,000 cash prize at a central London ceremony in July, the winning author will be given a marketing campaign to support the book on and the opportunity to have it translated for international sales.

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12 thoughts on “Amazon launches £20,000 KDP prize”

  1. I wonder if getting translated would be a big draw. I know many of us can’t afford that (I certainly can’t). I may have something ready to meet the deadline, but not sure if I will enter. Still, 20K pounds has a nice ring to it.

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