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Amazon Takes the Plunge into Original Virtual Reality Content

28 April 2016

From BidnessEtc:

Amazon.com, Inc. is finally ready to take the leap into virtual reality, as per a report from TheWrap. Sources familiar with the matter told the publication that the company has approached virtual-reality companies, in relation to developing original VR content.

Sources have claimed that the talks are still in early stages. Amazon Studios, the department that’s credited with TV series such as “Orphan Black,” “Man in the High Castle,” and “Mozart in the Jungle,” is said to be leading the discussion.

While Amazon declined to comment, the mere possibility of such a prospect excites us. With companies such as Facebook’s Oculus and HTC already gearing up to enter the space, Amazon’s entry will be perfectly timed. The available VR headsets are mainly for gaming right now, and entertainment is an avenue that is still unexplored.

Companies such as Hulu and Netflix are already offering VR modes to users who want to view content through their headsets. Headsets would definitely be an integral part of the future living room, and it seems like Amazon doesn’t want to miss out on the fast-approaching opportunity.

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In the past, the company posted job listings for people experienced in VR content distribution methods; so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the content creation happens in-house.

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  1. For look at what this might mean for indie authors, check out my post in the International Indie Author Facebook Group from back in February when Facebook announced their VR ambitions.


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