Amazon will give your overworked delivery driver $5 if you ask Alexa to say thank you

From TechCrunch:

Last year, an Amazon delivery driver said that the high volume of orders during holiday season “makes life hell.” This year, these contracted workers can get a $5 tip if their customer says, “Alexa, thank my driver.”

. . . .

The new thank you feature is part of a promotion that Amazon says it’s running to celebrate its impending milestone of 15 billion packages delivered. If a driver is one of the first one million to receive a thank you, they get $5. The five drivers who receive the most thank yous will get a $10,000 bonus plus $10,000 donated to a charity of their choice.

That means that Amazon will pay about $5.1 million to workers through this promotion. For comparison, Amazon spent over $4.3 million on anti-union consultants last year.

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5 thoughts on “Amazon will give your overworked delivery driver $5 if you ask Alexa to say thank you”

    • But this is kind of a bonus or a tip. If the driver is late, does a horrible job of delivering your package you won’t ‘thank them’. But someone who is aware of this PR stunt may thank a driver who does a good job.

      It gets old to constantly see the same people over and over complain every time that Amazon should pay workers more. Its like giving more money to teacher, the rich paying more in taxes, and the asking the aliens to stop abducting drunk hillbillies. When is enough enough to satisfy the knee jerk crowd??

      Should Amazon give each driver a share of stock per delivery? A million dollar guarantee salary?

  1. And it’s over. It was limited to the first $5 million to be distributed and that was used up in two days. It probably cost Amazon less than a commercial saying how much they love their drivers would have cost to produce, let alone purchase the airtime; the ‘zon got the news departments to do the work at a “more efficient” rate.

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