Amazon’s Inside Your House Drone

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Ring’s latest security camera is a drone that flies around inside your house. Announced today.

You can also program the device to go around your home on a schedule if you like. Reportedly, you teach it where you want it to go in your house by putting it in learning mode, then you hold hold it while you walk along the path through your house that you want it to follow.

PG understands that this will creep some people out. Amazon probably does as well, but PG and Amazon (like minds 🙂 ) think Amazon will sell a bunch.

12 thoughts on “Amazon’s Inside Your House Drone”

    • Maybe a less aggressive first step before weaponry would be to have the drone quietly approach the stranger from behind, then emit a loud electronic shriek. It could then quickly move to another room near the front door and emit the sound of an approaching police siren.

      • In some places the siren ploy will be ignored and understood to be fake. Like Minneapolis and Seattle.
        A slightly larger drone with a built-in Taser would be more appropriate.

        Slightly off-topic: a common staple of video games is the automated machine gun turret. I recently discovered they exist and are in use by Israel as border protection. They also have a few LASER turrets to shoot down incoming incendiary bomb balloons.

        Armed flying security drones for homes will no doubt follow. Those will most likely patrol the outside perimeter, though. Cleanup would get messy otherwise.

        • I’ve sometimes wondered what celebrities do about paparazzi drones. Shotguns would no doubt work at low level but California is a bit uptight about guns. Would weaponizing your security drones to take out paparazzi reconnaissance drones be legal? What defences could the photo drones install? How about drone escorts to ensure the reconnaissance drones get through?

          • Mike – I can see an attack drone that can be launched to take out a paparazzi drone as a most interesting addition to the security services that the favorite targets of paparazzi often hire.

          • That would work.
            But it might also get you arrested or sued for protecting your “castle”.
            Both have happened.
            In some states the best legal advice for dealing with intruders is making sure you get a one shot conclusion;
            Pepper spray or Taser can get you sued, lethal force doesn’t. It’s a strange world.

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