Artificial Intelligence – Images

Here’s another example of artificial intelligence creating original images:

This was created by using the following prompt to the AI: Gothic Victorian London with harmonic colors created by subtle brush strokes.

This was created using, which provides online creation of images via artificial intelligence. The site offers some rudimentary images at no charge, but if you want to get faster results and more detail, you’ll need to pay them some money.

Here’s a link to a variety of AI images on the website.

11 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence – Images”

  1. Hmm. Maybe a way to get art for original book covers. IF the user of the program owns the resulting art outright, or IF the company is willing to license it for that use. Interesting, PG.

  2. If they work well and are priced right, some of’s products look interesting.

    I tried a few images, and wasn’t impressed by the results. Maybe I could spend hours tweaking the parameters and get something better.

    In summary, remember that AI isn’t intelligent – it’s statistical interpolation, and doesn’t extrapolate, or truly create.

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