4 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence is Your Mentor”

  1. ‘If’ the silly things worked at all, the bright (weeks ahead in their schoolwork) kid will be marked down as being bored as they wait for the rest of the class to catch up while the ones that ‘just don’t get it’ will appear to be thinking hard. The headband is little more than the old lie detectors – which can be fooled with very little training.

    The China government doesn’t really want brighter people, they want people who will blindly do as their told; so teaching by AI might be a good thing for them short term, but will come back to bite them long term. (Heck, look at our own ‘no child left behind’ messes and what passes for logic these days …)

  2. As I viewed and listened to the video, the thought occurred that the devices might not even acutally work. But if the students BELIEVE they work, they will pay more rapt attention, etc. and their scores will go up. I was also reminded vaguely of Mr. Spock’s “mind meld” and a few other things. Dystopian indeed.

  3. I’d love to have one with the monitoring program. I’d wear it doing various things, try to concentrate, relax, goof off, sleep, write, math, talk to the cat, etc. Anything above a flat line would be a victory. How much more might even tell me something.

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