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  1. Whichever engine PG used is not nearly perceptive enough about the book covers, and in particular romance book covers. For that — well, there’s there’s only one authoritative online source (pun intended). Warning: You can, in fact, spend hours there; but put that tasty beverage down first, and swallow anything in your mouth before clicking the link.

  2. Not art gallery ready but fine for a lot of book covers, particularly for publishers (tradpub and indie) that have been repurposing stock photos. No third arms or sixth fingers obvious. Text banners to be avoided, though. 😉

    For those angsting over AI displacing humans, last night at a games award show two presented game trailers (one months away, the other a couple years) can be seen as early warnings of what (relatively) low end CGI can and will do.

    The particularly scary one (its for a horror production 😉 ) is OD because of its pedigree:


    Hideo Kojima is a video game “auteur” and Jordan Peele an Oscar winner with major horror movie chops. The teaser dialogue is nonsense (one hopes) but the digital humans aren’t. Just state of the art licensed likenesses and voices. The tech is intended for a hybrid storytelling game hyped as “a new medium”. I discount the latter for now. But not the tech.

    Just as DALL-E is evolving into a mainstream consumer tool, the UNREAL 5 and METAHUMAN tech in the trailer will move down market this decade. Some of it is already going into Indie Games.

    Storytelling is about to get a whole new mass market mode.

    • The near term game (May 2024, reportedly) footage is not pre-rendered CGI but actual gameplay footage recorded off a $350 gaming console. 4K 60FPS.


      The human characters are modeled off motion captured human actors. The backgrounds are not, just rendered by math.

      While corporate publishers dream of interactive books, the gaming developers are already earning billions while refining the narrative game mode into interactive movies.

      This is cutting edge, state of the art but in a few years it’ll be commercially available to all comers at “reasonable” prices. (I.e., thousands, not millions.)

    • Indeed (and actually for the first five pictures) but would Rockwell really have made the people in the two group images look so much like collections of near clones, or given them all the same footwear?

      As for the Regency Romance book covers, the women (or maybe I should say woman given the similarity) have giraffe like tendencies and the AI clearly has drawn their dresses from the fashion in equally unauthentic book covers.

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