Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence will reach human levels by around 2029. Follow that out further to, say, 2045, and we will have multiplied the intelligence – the human biological machine intelligence of our civilization – a billion-fold.

Ray Kurzweil, American inventor and futurist

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  1. Kurzweil has been saying variations on “AI will reach human levels in a decade and become ubiquitous in a quarter of a century” for, well, decades. And the definitions have been shifting the entire time.

    • <sarcasm> Oh, defining “intelligence” is easy: “Intelligence” is what makes everyone think exactly the way I do. And it’s “artificial intelligence” if it requires math to make it in the first place. </sarcasm>

      I only wish that hadn’t been the attitude of certain political appointees under whom I had the… pleasure’s not the right word; obligation?… to serve in the 1980s and 1990s. To whom “math” was a five-letter word. (OK, OK, if you’re in the Commonwealth it is a five-letter word — “maths” — but that’s foreign and, therefore, by definition unAmerican.†) On both sides of what passes for an “aisle” in ‘murikanpolitics.

      And I only wish it wasn’t the long-expressed attitude of Ray Kurzweil toward toilers in the humanities and writers, given that (back in the 1990s) he was one of the early “information wants to be free, and everything is just information” advocates. But it is. The common qualification for working at that particular institution (go ahead, look it up, then look up his colleagues) is an ego the size of a small moon that turns out to be a battle station, albeit one that is not fully operational.

      † Having been insulted all weekend by a candidate’s TV ads that would make the Know-Nothing Party seem profound and well-informed — and quite personally, as her main example of what constitutes an “undeserving freeloader” hits very close to home but for the rest of the context — I’m exceptionally grouchy. As if anyone could tell.

      • You’re not alone.
        I’m getting echoes of July 1941 in the gerontocracy’s semiconductor moves against China…
        …right in the middle of the CCP Congress…

        Best summary:

        Are they trying to provoke a war or just stupid?
        Dunno, but either way it’s not good for my blood presure.

        (I get the intent: China, like Russia, brags of its hypersonic missiles being more advanced than the US active gear. But it all depends on purchased, licensed, or stolen US tech, particularly chip designs. Take away the chips neded for their AI algorithms, take away the missiles. While publicly humiliating a regime that depends on face and xenophobia.)

        As Modi said: this is not a time for war.

        • Are they trying to provoke a war or just stupid?

          We’ve got both kinds of music here — country and western.

          Neither of those sets excludes the other, and indeed both sets invite substantial intersection with many others. In the most pejorative sense imaginable.

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