Baby Steps

PG is feeling a bit better today than he did yesterday.

However, he has to be certain that his skepticism of certain large organizations has fully recovered and his sarcasm is at the ready when required, so he won’t post quite yet.

He expects to start posting again tomorrow and, in the meantime, urges one and all to be carefully alert when using an escalator. When you’re standing up, they’re your best friends, but when you’re not, a different side of their personalities shows itself.

1 thought on “Baby Steps”

  1. Ooh, I just read your misadventure and it sounded terrifying. At least to me, because I have vivid memories of a news story back in the day, in which a little boy lost his fingers on an escalator when he tried to dash up the steps. Keeping all your bits attached is the victory condition with escalator accidents, so I congratulate you.

    Rest well, and feel better soon.

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