Back up and running smoothly

Casa PG has returned to the 21st century with all systems up and running well.

PG will take a moment to celebrate the people who fix things when they go wrong.

As mentioned previously, internet service at Casa PG was down for a couple of days following a new, improved update from PG’s internet service provider.

This morning a guy showed up with a baseball cap he had been wearing for awhile and a small bag containing a laptop and likely a few tools, meters, etc.

It took him about five minutes to determine what the problem was. He said, “These new boxes do this all the time,” explained what the problem was and told PG he’d fix it so it didn’t happen again.

A few keystrokes on the laptop which was connected to Casa PG’s main network box, a long wait while genius central downloaded updates and fixes and the electrons were flowing smoothly once again.

PG doubts that the repair guy has a four-year degree in anything, but he has used his native talents to develop an intuitive understanding about how electronic things work. Fifty years ago, he would have been an auto mechanic who could fix any car you brought in to his garage regardless of age and tell you what to do to avoid the same problem in the future.

PG opines that our contemporary society doesn’t value such people highly enough. Kudos and recognition go to those who create the electronics and the digital information that resides thereon and who are able use those organized electrons skillfully when they’re available, but not the guys (they tend to be mostly guys) who fix the basic pieces when they stop working.

Honor and glory to the people with well-worn baseball caps who are essential to keep us from regressing to the dark ages.

5 thoughts on “Back up and running smoothly”

  1. Just remember to regularly update your laptop so that you don’t have the hassle when you need to access the internet from your favorite cafe.

    Be sure to do something as simple as take the laptop once a month to the cafe and go into the TPV home page like a normal person.


  2. Staffing officers for off world colonies will definitely look for them.
    I knew a mechanic who could listen to a car fun for a minute and instantly know what ailed it even if you thought it was fine.
    It’s a survival trait. Highly prized in life and fiction.

    C.F., Scott, Montgomery.
    Also Kaylee Frye.

    Skilled craftment of all stripes are what keeps the world running.

  3. Most people have little respect for tradesmen/women.
    Until that something breaks.
    A little experiment for the Elite that would keep them humble – try picking Labor Day this year as the time when you use NOTHING in your house that, if broken, you couldn’t repair (not replace, repair) yourself.
    Electricity, water pipes, cars, phones, networks, fridge, gas.
    And, the coup de resistance – no use of flush plumbing. You can evacuate your body of waste, but may not flush, for ONE WHOLE DAY.
    Try it with your family. See if they don’t stop sneering at the ‘umble worker for a while, at least.
    And, it might give your kids/grandkids some ideas about career choices.
    BTW, my plumber gets $250 just to walk through the door. All other charges are added on after that.

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