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Barnes & Noble -5% after sluggish earnings

20 November 2018

From Seeking Alpha:

Barnes & Noble (NYSE:BKS) is down 5.3% after the company reports Q3 earnings.

Revenue was down 2.5% during the quarter and comparable sales were off 1.4%.

Only a few analysts are covering B&N these days, meaning that the company’s earnings beat holds a bit less weight. Still, the EBITDA loss of $2.3M compares favorably to the consensus mark of -$12.1M.

Link to the rest at Seeking Alpha

PG suggests the lack of analysts covering Barnes & Noble is an indication of how much the company has shrunk and how few investors are interested it anything it does.


3 Comments to “Barnes & Noble -5% after sluggish earnings”

  1. The analysts have finally figured out that those in control of B&N ‘want’ it to die.

  2. Customers are hard to get and easy to lose.

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