B&N Launches ‘Browsery’ Mobile App

From Shelf Awareness:

Barnes & Noble has launched Browsery, a mobile app designed “to talk about books the way readers do,” according to the company, which called it “a new kind of digital browsing that’s a gateway for users to find new books and talk about the ones they love with fellow readers.”

. . . .

Browsery allows customers to like, comment or contribute answers to questions posed by the community or ask questions of their own. B&N will share content on its social channels, posting a Browsery “Question of the Day” on its national Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts; as well as sharing some of the best answers and recommendations from customers, booksellers and well-known authors on Browsery across its social channels. Stores nationwide will promote Browsery on their local social media pages, too.

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9 thoughts on “B&N Launches ‘Browsery’ Mobile App”

  1. “Stores nationwide will promote Browsery on their local social media pages, too.”

    Does anyone here know of anyone that admits or claims that they’ve ever gone to their ‘social media pages’?

    As far as ‘Browsery’? I think FB’s current troubles will keep people from truthfully answering any Browsery questions about what they like – or what they think …

  2. Maybe they should work on the “sell some books” part first, unless they think they’re going to monetize their commentariat somehow.

    “The water heater exploded and the house is flooding. Sounds like a good time to paint the ceiling.”

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