3 thoughts on “Body Language for Leaders”

  1. If I were writing a work of fiction about a thinly disguised version of Elizabeth Holmes, then I would be sure to include a few scenes of her avidly studying this sort of material.

    • Ooh, yes. And the YouTube channel, “Charisma on Command.” I discovered it when everyone was so chattering about the disastrous interview Brie Larson did when she was in the Captain Marvel movie. The channel host used her as an example of what not to do to win friends and influence enemies, as it were. A lot of videos like the OP’s and CoC ‘s are helpful for building particular types of characters.

      But now you’ve reminded me of that scene in “American Psycho,” where Christian Bale’s character is intently studying the business cards of the men he thinks are his rivals. I could picture Holmes doing a version of this.

  2. Has this been posted before?

    Former CIA Operative Explains How Spies Use Disguises | WIRED

    The lady doing the “lectures”, Jonna Mendez, says Ben Affleck played her husband in “Argo.” She was chief of disguise at the CIA, and is part of a series of videos Wired Magazine did on secret agents. Fun details, like how there are certain people spies never pretend to be, or how you can disguise a woman as a man, but can’t go the other way around (disguises can add, not subtract features), or how foreigners spot Americans in a crowd.

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