19 Best AI Writing Tools of 2022

From Renaissance Rachel:

We all write content online. Some of us only write social media posts, emails, or texts. Some of us write content for our websites, product descriptions, video content, ads, and even customer support.

AI writing software is a type of software that can generate content for you. An AI-powered writing assistant provides useful tools for writing articles, novels, blog posts, and more. Those are just some of the benefits of using ai writing tools.

AI writing is just another tool that you can add to your toolbelt.

You know they can be incredibly helpful if you’ve ever used an AI writing tool. But you also know that they’re not going to replace actual human intelligence soon.

No, AI is not going to steal your job. It’s a tool to optimize your work. Let AI technology make your life easier and more productive by including AI writing software in your content creation process. So if you’re thinking “Why should I use AI writing tool?” you’ve come to the right place.

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1. Rytr: Best for Beginners

Rytr is a content writing platform that uses AI to write content for you. Rytr’s algorithms are trained on historical data, so they can produce unique and compelling articles with the right tone and style, while also being grammatically correct.

Rytr’s AI writing assistant will have your article ready in less than an hour, without any need for human intervention.

In its current state, Rytr can produce text for a variety of topics and niches, including sports articles, business articles, reviews, blog posts, articles on technology, etc.


  • Content generation is made easy and quick with character count, word count, and tone checker.
  • Plagiarism check ensures you have the highest quality of content.
  • Grammar check for your writing to make it professional-level.
  • Discover what works best for your idea by generating content from our vast library of over 2,000 ideas.
  • Personalize your content with a professional touch using Form Generator.
  • Rytr.me login to save your work


Free Plan

Saver Plan: $9/month; $90/year (Get 2 months free!)

Unlimited Plan: $29/month; $290/year (Get 2 months free!)

Bottom Line

Rytr is an app that helps people write faster. It’s a great tool for bloggers and content writers who need to produce a lot of articles. Rytr also allows users to search for ideas for their articles or even write them in real-time.

The weak point is that Ryter doesn’t have “recipes” like Jasper has. Jasper allows to you have more custom control over the AI output. If you’re looking for a story writing ai, Ryter is great, but if you want more power, try Jasper.

2. Jasper: Best for Power Users

Formerly known as Jarvis, Jasper is among the AI writing software tools leaders. Jasper acquired tools such as Headlime and Shortly AI writing software. Both tools remain standalone products at the writing of this article; however, both plan to integrate fully with Jasper.

Create your blogs, articles, book, scripts, and any other content. Choose a subject area and form, fill in the details, and Jasper will write the content for you. It’s not always good content, but it helps me get past my writer’s block. Now that “content generation” the state of natural language generation in content marketing, Jasper.AI is an invaluable tool.


  • Long-form document editor – a powerful tool that allows you to write full documents with AI-assisted outputs.
  • Plagiarism detector – write without worrying about accusations of stealing someone else’s content
  • Speed writing – hit start, and the software will create a masterpiece for your blog post or article within minutes!
  • Integration with SEO Surfer – a tool that helps you analyze keywords and optimize your content to rank in search engines
  • Automated article writing software – if you give it enough parameters, content creator AI can almost write your articles for you
  • Facebook community that offers support, job opportunities, and more
  • Multiple languages
  • Write novels, blog/articles, video scripts, and more with Jasper!
  • AI wizard can produce over one million sentences


Jasper provides two pricing options: starter mode and boss mode. In my opinion, the main difference is that boss mode allows you to use the long-form document editor. In contrast, the starter mode provides writing frameworks for specific use cases.

Starter Mode: Starts at $29/mo for 20,000 words/mo.

Boss Mode: Starts at $59/mo for 50,000 words/mo.

SEO Surfer add-on: starts at $59/mo

While there’s no “official” free trial, you can get a 10,000-word credit using my referral link!

Bottom Line

I compared the quality of the output with Ryter, for instance, and it wasn’t any better for me. I’m paying $120/month for unlimited content generation in Jasper, but I can pay $29/month for the same thing in Ryter.

Note: Jasper no longer offers an unlimited mode, so while it’s excellent, you must limit yourself to a specific word limit per month.

HOWEVER. I keep using Jasper because of the recipes and commands that you can use. It makes for a very powerful workflow and I can do a lot with it. Jasper can do a lot of creative things including movie script writing, so if you want an AI script writer free from customization limitations, definitely check Jasper out. With the recipes and commands, Jasper is an AI writing software for better writing results.

I didn’t include Headlime and the Shortly AI writing apps as separate items in this article, because I researched their websites and didn’t see an indication of them continuing to enhance or build their product. There’s nothing worse than using outdated and buggy software!

Link to the rest at Renaissance Rachel

PG has been interested in AI for authors for a long time.

At first, the AI programs PG experimented with were pretty clunky. When he tried out a couple of the programs mentioned in the OP, he saw noticeable and relevant improvements. He expects to see similar increases in sophistication in the future. With 19 current contestants in the survival contest, some are almost certain to fail, but there will still be forward movement at an increasingly rapid pace.

Your Go-To Guide to Writing Effective Blog Posts

From Rytr:

Introduction to Blogging – what is a blog post, how do you create one, and what are the benefits?

A blog post is a type of article that is published on a blog, typically with the goal of providing information, entertainment, or inspiration. Blog posts are often accompanied by images, videos, and/or graphics. Blog posts can be used to share your thoughts and expertise on topics you are passionate about. They can help you build your personal brand and establish yourself as an expert in your field. These worded beauties can also be used to drive traffic to other pages on your site or to other sites that you are affiliated with.

Blogging is a popular form of online publishing. There are many blog platforms, resources, and categories to choose from. When starting your blog, you will need to determine what type of blog you want to create and what blogging platform you would like to use.

One can get into blogging as a profession or merely express themselves. It is a great way to put down your thoughts and build a brand for yourself or someone else. Blogs can be as simple as talking about the day/a trip you took OR complex ones talking about the existence of life.

Whichever your go-to is, we’re here to help you with the simplest of tips to get your blogging game on.

How to Write a Blog Post – Tips and Tricks to Creating a Powerful Blog Post

Blogging is one of the most powerful ways to get your voice heard. Let’s get started with some of the basics which would help you in creating a powerful blog post.

1) Define your topic: We all love defined structures & well-defined topics. You need to be super crisp about the topic you want to write about and stick to it throughout. Remember, we have to present a well-balanced meal, and not a buffet of various exotic cuisines.

2) Create an outline: Once you have zeroed upon your topic, you would want to break it down into sub-headings or outlines. Do I want to write about Global Warming? Yes, but what all aspects must I cover? You see, you would come across a lot of broad topics and it is humanly impossible to cover everything under one write-up. Hence, you must jot down a rough outline of the areas you would want to cover.

3) Give a detailed introduction: Let your readers cut through the chaos with your crisp introduction. Explain what topics you would be touching on, mention what your reader can learn from the blog and try to highlight the keywords for your ‘busy’ reader to skim through.

4) Write the conclusion: A conclusion is like a yummy dessert that gets served after a hearty meal. Remember, a bad sweet serving can often ruin the entire entree experience and we surely don’t want that. We don’t have to go overboard with lengthy conclusions- after all, nobody (mostly) prefers a prolonged goodbye. Some up your blog, keep an open ending where you ask for feedback/opinions or just leave them wanting for more- your call!

5) Proofread your blog post before publishing it: No matter if you’re a beginner or a master, you can (and should) never avoid proofreading. We understand that you may be having a bunch of blogs to complete in a day, but that shouldn’t hold you back from going through your piece once (or twice) before you hit that ‘publish’ button. Trust us, stupid typos and shameful grammatical errors won’t look good amidst your otherwise perfect piece.

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Blogging For Businesses

Today, online presence has become a (almost) necessity for all sorts of businesses. Whether you’re a multinational brand or upcoming e-commerce, you need to set up an attractive and informative website for your business. 

Once your basic website is live, undoubtedly the blogging section becomes an inseparable part of the same. From dispersing more knowledge about your product/services to SEO purposes, blogs often come out as unsung soldiers of the army of your growing business.

Step 1 – Define Your Blog’s Purpose

A blog is a great way to create content for your business and help you attract new customers. It’s also a good way to provide value to current customers, as well as keep them up-to-date with what’s happening in your industry.

Blogs can be used for many different purposes:

  • To attract new customers
  • To provide valuable information to your existing clients
  • To keep current clients updated on what’s happening in your industry
  • For general knowledge or education purposes (e.g., blogging about life, parenting)
  • For generating targeted traffic to other areas of the website (e.g., blog posts on a specific product)

. . . .

Helpful Tools for Creating Quality Content

It’s 2022 and having some virtual assistants at your disposal won’t hurt. Here are some of the most loved tools you can include in your virtual blogging gang to create quality content.

1. Google Docs: It is a free online word processing tool that allows multiple people to edit the same document at the same time, and it saves automatically as you are typing. Not only this, but it can do some basic grammar/spell check for you and tell you about your word/character count.

2. Grammarly: This is another app that checks for errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation on your behalf so that you can focus on what really matters – content creation.

3. Rytr: Well, this one is a no brainer. We’re sure that y’all are aware of our blog use case and more. But hey, that’s not all, here are some other functions that can help you really ace your blogging game.  

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Readability score & time
  • Rephrase
  • Improve text
  • Continue Ryting

Link to the rest at Rytr

PG has posted about Writing Programs that utilize Artificial Intelligence to speed the writing process up and/or improve the resulting copy. He’s been partly impressed and anxious for further development and sophistication from such programs.

PG notes that the author of the blog post, Kriti, didn’t explain exactly how she used Rytr to create this particular post and whether she/he did any spiffing up of the material Rytr produced.