The Occasional Troll

PG received a couple of messages this morning about the appearance of a notorious troll making comments to one of his posts.

He checked the reported comments and they were, indeed, trollish, so he deleted them.

During his time on TPV, PG has been pleased with the general lack of trolls. He has only had the occasion to remove trolls and their comments a handful of times.

Please review the Comments Policy for PG’s general trollishness standards. Here’s an excerpt:

The rules on comments are simple. You can disagree with me or others, but be reasonably civil and non-abusive. Don’t demean or insult others. I’m a bit old-fashioned on language, but if you want to use asterisks or a substitute word, that solves my problem. I use a plugin that catches some language and inserts its own asterisks.

PG does have a spam filter installed on TPV, and it continues to catch a lot of spam. No spam filter is perfect, so he appreciates it if visitors point out a person/post that the reporter thnks crosses the line.

Regarding commercial announcements, here’s another excerpt:

If you’re an author, publisher, agent, etc., a low-key commercial announcement is OK from time to time, but don’t go crazy. I don’t mind relevant links in comments, but will zap comments and commenters that link to spam.

PG will note that he doesn’t remember the last time he deleted a comment that violated his low-key commercial announcements spam rule. But take note that PG’s memory is not the gold standard it once was.

As PG remembers having said several times before (he knows this is true): He thinks the comments are the best part of TPV and enjoys reading 99.99999% of them, so don’t hesitate to comment, disagree politely with PG or anyone else, etc. If you feel PG or the TPV spam filter has wrongly blocked/removed any of your comments, use the Contact PG link at the top of the blog to let PG know and he’ll check things out.

Over-Active Filters

PG received an email from a visitor to TPV who felt there was a problem with his spam filter.

He couldn’t find the source of the problems, all the usual and shady suspects were in the Spam folder.

PG did find other perfectly-good comments that had ended up in the Trash folder, however.

If you feel your comments have been mishandled by the happy busy electrons residing at TPV, send PG an email via the Contract PG link on the top toolbar of the page.