‘Chytomo’ Opens New Award for Ukraine Publishing

From Publishing Perspectives:

With the support of Frankfurter Buchmesse (October 18 to 22) and the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, Germany’s publishers and booksellers association, the Ukrainian book industry magazine Chytomo is today (August 29) announcing the Chytomo Award, a recognition of “outstanding achievements in the Ukrainian publishing and literary sphere.”

Germany’s ministry of culture, led by Claudia Roth, is reported to be providing a purse of €4,000 (US$4,350) for the winner of each of the new award’s three categories, as part of Berlin’s newly announced €900,000 initiative designed to create “wider familiarity with Ukrainian culture and history in Germany.”

It’s expected that the award will be presented near the end of the year and will honor “the most remarkable achievements which contribute to the development of the book market and the industry as a whole, as well as to the promotion of reading.”

Eligibility is not restricted to book publishers. In addition, nominations can be made to highlight the work of book bloggers, journalists, libraries, bookstores, and other players and operations with achievements “have been particularly notable during the year.”

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