15 January 2019

PG has discovered an enthusiasm for Field Notes.

He admits this is somewhat irrational because they are paper and PG mostly keeps note-like information in digital form.

OTOH, if you were to spend more than 4 milliseconds examining PG’s desk and its surrounding environs, you would discover that the last thing PG needs is more paper.

However, Field Notes are not normal notebooks. They have a unique persona and, although more expensive on a square-inch basis than a ream of printer paper from Costco, are less expensive than a passion for antique automobiles or a drug habit.

The latest instantiation of Field Notes is the Clandestine edition, the covers of which are “surreptitious Urban Gray” and which includes a Field Notes Cipher Wheel for coding and decoding messages.


Link to the rest at Field Notes


PG's Thoughts (such as they are)

4 Comments to “Clandestine”

  1. A minor comment on the stage setting… (statue, doorknob)

    You don’t often find both the Imperial Eagle and the Royal Lion in the same settings, since they are heraldic enemies. Traditional settings like that would have one or the other, not both, symbols still having meaning.

  2. JUST what I need. I have enough trouble deciphering my scribbles when they are NOT encrypted.


    Similar. More pages, non-rusting sewn binding. Durable enough to last in your back pocket.

  4. If you like those, try some of the Rite in the Rain notebooks. Best thing I’ve found for field work.

    And where is that library in the Video? When I win the big lottery I want to build and stock one like that.

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