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Comforted by Little Women

31 December 2017

From Nerdy Book Club:

Last spring I was feeling melancholy, to use an old fashioned word. Our little cat Nellie had died after living with us for 14 years. Cats always choose us, not the other way around, and he had been a big part of the family. I missed his presence on the bed at night, his little mews of hello when I came home, his companionship while I pulled weeds in the garden. I was sad and needed comfort.

I wanted to read Little Women.

. . . .

So I went to my library and brought home the 1980 edition with its soft worn cover and well loved pages and settled into the 1860’s for a week. Going back to a childhood favorite as an adult is a wonderful experience, and I found myself reading now as Marme, seeing the girls from the mother’s point of view. As I relived their trials and joys, I felt better.

Books have been my friends, counselors, and comforters all my life. If I am going through a difficult time, I read.

. . . .

Sometimes, as when reading Little Women, I feel like I am sitting down with a good friend who says, “Yes, I’ve been through that myself.”

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  1. Gone with the Wind got me through the end of a four year relationship…hmm, I guess I really am a nerd. :/

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