Comments – Interim Update

PG has been cleaning up behind the scenes at TPVx, but needs to be away from his desk for a couple of hours.

If you haven’t already made a comment under the new blog settings since this morning, feel free to do so. See the post immediately before this one (chronologically) for more info.

PG will likely turn back on the WordPress setting that may be misbehaving after he returns. He’ll post a notice when he does that.

Thanks for all the help from the visitors to TPV today.

3 thoughts on “Comments – Interim Update”

  1. Okay, I am apparently not able to log back in – but other weirdness has cropped up (and I remember this happening before).

    The regular link “You must log in to reply” is not present with the widget turned off. Expected.

    But the “Log in” link over in the meta sidebar block works – to send me to a mashup of your profile, PG. The actual profile tab is (I hope) not an issue, as it is actually filled in with MY WP profile. I’m not about to experiment with what might happen if I change the password, though.

    The dashboard, however, is the PV dashboard; your list of recent publications and the comments on PV. Sigh…

  2. Oh, now I’m logged in again, after posting that last comment. When I did click the meta log in link a while ago, I had it open in a new browser tab – which also gave me the partial PV profile. But I was editing a comment on the first browser tab to give you that information – which, when I clicked “Post Comment” told me that I couldn’t edit that comment.

    (This is what my former colleagues and I used to call a “tug of war” when we were trying to put together web sites with widgets from different sources. All too frequently, the only solution was to kill off one or more of them permanently.)


    Just checking that I CAN edit this comment. Yes, yes I can.

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