Coronavirus Price Drop

Entrepreneur that she is, Mrs. PG expected that a lot of her readers or prospective readers might be spending more time than usual at home, so she will be starting some discount price promotions on some of her ebooks to make it less expensive to stay inside and read.

PG would not be surprised if Amazon saw an uptick in the overall demand for ebooks, Prime Video, etc., due to fewer trips out of the home for a significant number of its customers.

PG also suspects that Netflix, HBO, YouTube and other online entertainment providers will see an increase in signups and usage, and that internet gaming activity will go through the roof.

4 thoughts on “Coronavirus Price Drop”

  1. The streaming services will be raking it in because of quarantine boredom and lack of competition. Already Vancouver has been hit and RIVERDALE shut down. The rest of the Vancouver video business, it’s just a matter of time.
    Movie theater attendance is already down and movies opening for the next month are most likely DOA.
    Peacock and HBOMAX should do well.

  2. “PG would not be surprised if Amazon saw an uptick in the overall demand for ebooks…”

    That’s not what my own numbers are showing, and every independent writer I know who is dependent on Amazon for sales is saying essentially the same thing: sales and KENP activity reported by Amazon have been dropping steadily since the virus panic began to take hold of everyone’s consciousness about ten days ago. That’s entirely counterintuitive, of course, and I have no explanation for it, but numbers are numbers and trends are trends are trends, and both the numbers and the trends that the writers I know are seeing say that sales are declining because of the panic, not rising.

    • You said it: virus panic.
      Folks are too worried to get bored.
      Wait a week or two.
      Since yesterday a whole list of movies and shows have suspended, with more to come, but they’re still working through the pipeline.
      Any effect will take time to kick in.

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