Crochety Comment Handling

A couple of weeks ago, PG installed a new forms plugin on TPV for comments. The plugin was highly-rated and ranked on a variety of testing sites. PG’s former forms plugin wasn’t being supported or updated any more and, as PG has mentioned elsewhere, TPV receives thousands of spam comments each week.

In connection with the install, PG activated a Recaptcha function on the plugin.

Since that time, PG has had some complaints from long-time visitors to TPV whose opinions he respects to the effect that commenting has become too difficult.

A few minutes ago, PG dialed back the plugin’s security settings and disabled Recaptcha to hopefully make the process of leaving comments easier. As he has said several times before, comments are the best part of TPV and he wants those who would like to share thoughts to be able to do so without a lot of hassles.

Feel free to send an email or comment concerning whether the changed settings have removed the petty aggravations involved in commenting.

2 thoughts on “Crochety Comment Handling”

  1. I have rarely seen a more prolific content creator/curator than TPV.

    If we have to jump through a few (very short) seconds of security hoops to keep the site safe and reduce the amount of spam you’re dealing with, then I’m all for it. I’d hope everyone can agree on that.

    Thanks for all the years of dedication PG.

    • Thanks for the kind words, Jenny.

      I’ll try to avoid any sort of hoops and keep TPV locked up in an out-of-sight manner.

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