Day Off

PG will not be making any blog posts today.

Nothing bad has happened.

He’ll be back here tomorrow with even more vim (is that still a word?), vigor, vitality and vitriol than usual.

5 thoughts on “Day Off”

    • Ditto. Taking most of the day off myself. Although I can’t push off the steak grilling to someone else. Pity me…

      (Right. Man! Meat! Fire! Perfect way to spend an afternoon!)

  1. PG, your question was no doubt rhetorical, but I’ll answer anyway: yes, “vim” is still a word – of some value to scrabble players I believe – though PV is the only place where I can recall having read it recently. When I was young it was also a scouring powder, presumably named from the “vim and vigour” you had to put in to obtain the required results.

    • vim – is the name of the improved version of vi, found on most linux systems and mac osx.

      The original unix editor was ed (edit), written by Dennis Ritchie. It was not very friendly, and begat em, which Bill Joy transformed into ex (extended). He then built vi (visual) on top of ex. If you are using vi and open up the command line you are using ex commands.

      vim (vi improved) has followed. If you open a terminal window on your mac (if you have one) and type ‘vim’ you’ll see what many geeks use every day. Once you do, type :q to exit the editor and exit to close the terminal window.

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