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Days of Forgetting

6 May 2015

From Dean Wesley Smith:

As I mention every year, it is pretty amazing how being five months from the first of the year causes so many writers to just not want to think about their year-end resolutions to write more and attain goals.

May, June, July I call the “Days of Forgetting.”

What was important and critical in January with writing and learning and getting stories published fades in these three months. Of course, if I asked, I could have you all send me a book full of great excuses. Please don’t. I’ve heard them all.

The problem with the “Days of Forgetting” is August. That’s when the remembering starts and wow is it hard to fire back up, to get motivated again, and that motivation for many doesn’t return until they see there is only three months left to the year. And by that point, all first of the year goals are shot.

What I suggest to people is set goals for these three months with their writing. Take writing or business classes, set writing goals, go to a convention, whatever. But keep the focus on the writing.

It might not be as much as you can do the first three months of the year or in September, October, or November. But if you get something done, hit some goals, keep writing as a focus, your year-end goal won’t be gone.

And August will be much, much more fun as you come back stronger into writing.

Link to the rest at Dean Wesley Smith and thanks to J.A. for the tip.

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13 Comments to “Days of Forgetting”

  1. P.G.

    LOL, I’ll get blasted, but it ain’t word count that drives this resolver.

    10k steps, per day, rain or shine:)


    • You won’t get blasted from me, Brendan. You do whatever you must to keep you going!


    • Yeah, me too. I always appreciate the experience and advice of Wesley Dean Smith but I’ve become immune to the convention wisdom – write more.
      I no longer hear the words.
      What do I love best about self-pubbing? I can have a personal life. Write when I want. I could say a lot more… Wait, maybe I will–
      I dread repetition, as a reader and a writer. From what I’ve read (books, not op ed pieces), those who write more more more tend to repeat plot lines, use interchangeable characters. Not always, of course, note I said ‘tend to’. Boring.
      I have a family, children, household stuff, pets, garden, parents, other job. I need the freedom to write when I want, how much I want. There are some days when if I write a single word I’m like… “Yeah, good job. Wrote a single word.” Because on that particular day even a single word is an accomplishment worth celebrating.
      We’re different. Our goals are different. In the indie world one size does not fit all and that works for me.
      What is my goal? 20,000 steps- 😉 and in the end, a quality book.

      • Never mind that your family/children/household stuff/pets/garden/parents/other job might give you an idea that might add an extra laugh or tear for the reader once you’ve turned it into words and added it at just the right point in your story.

        • They do, Allen, believe me! 🙂

          • A couple groups have access to my ‘in work’ and ‘bits and pieces for what’s coming’ and one reader was quite cross with me for having confused him for over six months. His mind kept taking him to a passage where a shuttle is grabbed at random, and given a fuller call sign and a name. The tail number was 549, and it’s call sign became BR549 … and yeah, those of you willing to date yourselves already know the shuttle’s new name was ‘Junior Samples’ …

    • My butt needs to get moving as well. Lots of weight put on last year. I’m a lifter but that’s not cutting it. Gotta get walkin’.

      I thought having a standing desk would burn a lot of calories. Not really. It just makes me tired. 🙂

      • I get up and cycle 3 times a day. Stationary bike. I read ebooks while I pedal.

        FWIW 1,722 words today plus a skeleton to the end of the book and beats for the next 3 chapters. Goal is to write one more chapter today. That should put me over 3k for the day.

        Libbie, TOYP needs more examples and a wider range of examples.

        • For them as is keepin’ score — I’m talkin’ to you, Joseph — I finished the day at 3,391 words. I have more to write, but I was cut off by the clock striking twelve.

          Haven’t made 4k/day yet, but I can see it from here.

  2. My goal is to finish the WIP this month. I’ll be computer and internet-les in June, and playing catch-up and doing school prep in July and August. I do plan on writing more short stories in July and getting those up for sale, however.

  3. I had lofty goals for April. Then I got a killer cold/sinus infection/tonsillitis for the majority of the month. So, uh, deadlines moved back a month?

  4. This spring I started writing on a brand new series that came out of nowhere. The plan is to write the first drafts of all 6 books this summer (just finished the the second book). I’m hoping that the fun and excitement of getting bit by so many plot bunnies all of sudden will help to keep up the momentum. 😀

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