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11 June 2018

Death is the solution to all problems. No man – no problem.

Joseph Stalin


3 Comments to “Death”

  1. Unless of course that man was the one with the actual solution to the problem …

    Then of course there’s finding out the now dead man was holding the ‘dead man’s switch’ that was keeping something ‘bad’ from happening …

    Death is the solution to all the dead man’s problems – not so much for those he left behind.

  2. That’s more or less the way I interpreted the title of the Bob Marley song, “No Woman, No Cry.” I thought he meant he would be happier if he was single. Turned out that’s not where he was going with that idea.

    But death as a solution to problems in general, nah.

  3. Terrence OBrien

    Now, that’s a totalitarian regime that might make writing prose impossible.

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