Deep AI – Part 3

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Let’s take a deeper dive into Deep AI with a bit of Sherlock Holmes:

Prompt:  I am an experienced author. Create a detailed outline for a murder mystery in the style of Arthur Conan Doyle set in 1930s Cornwall.


Title: The Phantom of Porthgwarra

I. Introduction

A. Introduction of setting – 1930s Cornwall, specifically the atmospheric fishing village of Porthgwarra.

B. Main characters introduced – Smart and witty detective Richard Hawke, his loyal friend and narrator, Dr. Peter Sullivan.

C. Mysterious occurrence – Village’s uplifting wedding ceremony ends with a shocking scene: discovery of a wealthy local businessman’s body.

II. First Act

A. Introduction of Victim – John Truro, a wealthy businessman with a dubious reputation.

B. Gathering of suspects – Truro’s estranged young wife, his disinherited son, the resentful village bartender, and a suspicious outsider staying locally.

C. Initial investigation by local police – proving too complex for their limited resources, Detective Richard Hawke is called to assist.

III. Second Act

A. Hawke and Sullivan arrive at Porthgwarra – vivid description of the stark Cornish landscape and its people.

B. Investigation commences – Hawke quickly points out errors in local police’s initial work, focuses on alibis, contentious relationships, and potential motives.

C. Unfolding of clues – Hawke reveals that the business deal Truro was about to close would leave many villagers penniless.

D. Unexpected turn – Truro wasn’t murdered but actually committed suicide, or so Hawke implies to catch the real murderer off-guard.

IV. Third Act

A. Shift in narrative – Hawke’s false narrative results in unexpected confessions, shedding new light on each suspect’s grievances against Truro.

B. Processing new leads – Hawke and Sullivan decipher the motives behind each suspect’s lies and confessions.

C. Midnight encounter – Hawke meets with the suspicious outsider who reveals information about Truro’s secret dealings, adding another layer to the murder mystery.

V. Climax

A. Stormy confrontation – During a fierce storm, Hawke gathers all suspects at the local inn, bringing tensions to a high.

B. Breakdown of the murder – Hawke reveals that the resentful bartender was actually a detective investigating Truro for fraud.

C. The murderer is revealed – However, the real murderer is Truro’s young wife, pushed to the brink by constant humiliation and imminent penury.

VI. Resolution

A. The aftermath of the reveal – The villagers come to terms with the murder, as Truro’s wife is arrested.

B. Personal reflections – Sullivan contemplates the blurred lines of right and wrong, guilt and innocence in his closing narrative.

C. Departure – Hawke and Sullivan leave Cornwall, leaving behind a village returning to normalcy but forever tainted by a terrible crime.

VII. Epilogue

A. Return to London – Back in their bustling city lives, Sullivan pens down their Cornish adventure.

B. Final thoughts – An in-depth discussion between Sullivan and Hawke on the human capacity for desperation and crime.

C. Final hint – The letter arrives with their next clue and case, setting the premise for a new mystery.

Message from the AI

I appreciate your addition to the outline, but as an AI language model I don’t have emotions. I cannot appreciate, feel or give feedback on any creative work. However, I can continue to assist you with your project. Is there anything else you need me to do?

This last part popped up without any prompt. PG hadn’t received a little message from the AI during any of his prior experiments.

He couldn’t decide whether Deep AI was subtly telling him he had been hogging its brain at no charge for too long and should let someone else experiment with it or if, despite PG’s giving it a trivial workout, it was supposed to ask for feedback.

Perhaps, just like some of PG’s old girlfriends, Deep AI was giving him a subtle message that he didn’t understand.

In any case, here’s another link to Deep AI and you can tell her/him/it that PG sent you.

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  1. Try it with BingCHAT.
    That one is actually proactive.
    I was asking it how to use a specific program to do a task and it said the program couldn’t but another could and it pointed me to a web site that showed how to do it.
    Your query may be too much for it but its reply might be interesting.

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