Deep AI – Part 1

Chat GPT wasn’t working for PG, so he tried out AI Chat at Deep AI instead.

Prompt: I am a new author. Create a detailed outline for a murder mystery in the style of Agatha Christie set in 1930s Cornwall.


Title: Murder in Cornwall

Setting: 1930s Cornwall, England, an isolated town surrounded by cliffs and beaches along the coast.


  1. Miss Florence Fairchild – An elderly rich spinster who owns a beautiful mansion in Cornwall.
  2. Mr. John Pembroke – A handsome and enigmatic artist who was the last person to see the victim before his murder.
  3. Mrs. Elizabeth Trewarren – The housekeeper of Miss Fairchild’s mansion, who seems to know more than she lets on.
  4. Inspector Arthur Kemp – A seasoned detective from Scotland Yard called in to solve the case.
  5. Mrs. Amelia Price – The victim’s wife, a prominent member of the local society, and a friend of Miss Fairchild.


Miss Florence Fairchild has gathered a group of her closest friends to celebrate her 70th birthday at her mansion in Cornwall. The night before the party, one of her guests, Mr. Jonathan Price, is found dead on the beach, murdered. Inspector Kemp is called in to investigate, and the investigation begins.

Act 1: The Investigation Begins

Inspector Kemp begins his investigatio and interviews all the guests who were present at the party and staff who were working in the mansion. The initial evidence points towards Mr. John Pembroke, who had been seen arguing with the victim on the beach the previous night. But John vehemently denies any involvement in the murder and provides an alibi. Meanwhile, Mrs. Elizabeth Trewarren, who has been Miss Fairchild’s housekeeper for years, seems to be hiding something and behaves suspiciously.

Act 2: The Plot Thickens

As Inspector Kemp digs deeper, he uncovers several motives for murder. The victim had been involved in an illicit affair with Amelia Price, who had been seen arguing with him the night of the murder. Miss Fairchild had been taking care of Amelia’s finances for years, which points towards a financial motive. Also, a series of anonymous letters had been sent to the victim, which suggests that someone had a grudge against him.

Act 3: The Final Twist

As the investigation progresses, Inspector Kemp realizes that the murder is more complicated than he had initially thought. He discovers that the victim had figured out an elaborate fraud scheme involving Miss Fairchild’s finances and that Amelia Price had been an accomplice.

. . . .

PG thought this was quite interesting. He will leave it to others who know far more than he about murder mysteries (including Mrs. PG) to decide if it’s a decent start or not.

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