Disappearing Audiobook Pages

PG has been informed that TPV is hiding links to some of his latest audiobook posts.

In an attempt to remedy that situation, here are the links beginning with the oldest:

  1. Amazon’s Upcoming Audible Captions Feature = Unhappy Publishers

  2. Someone Disagrees with PG – Again

  3. Someone Disagrees with PG – Again – The Sequel

Another way of locating these posts is to click on the Audiobooks link in the Categories list in the right column.

That said, TPV has been acting in a slightly more irregular manner of late, sending PG little warning messages that he has procrastinated updating the TPV theme to something a bit less antediluvian.

PG can almost hear the blog muttering, “What do I have to do to get his attention, send politically incorrect cartoons to the entire user list?”


4 thoughts on “Disappearing Audiobook Pages”

  1. I’ve had quite a few navigation problems recently. The current one is that “Plaintiff Had No Duty To “Scour” The Internet For Infringements…” opens in the blue and white mobile device format with no navigational options other than the browser’s back button. This brings any attempt to move through article by article to a grinding halt.

    Previously the problem was starting from the home page and pressing the next page button ending with the “blue and white” display with no way to move forward.

    The blog seems to be doing quite well in attracting attention without need for cartoons.

    • Mike – As mentioned, I need to install a new WP theme for TPV. I’m hoping that will solve a lot of problems.

  2. PG – I like everything about the current theme other than the fact that it no longer works reliably. When the new theme arrives I hope for few changes in the appearance though, as I’ve mentioned before, I’d like to see a longer recent comments list (as it can be overwhelmed when someone disagrees with you).

    Oh, and it would be quite nice if the “new comment” email actually included a working link to the comment, though a longer recent comments list would serve just as well.

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