Does AI Enhance Creativity?

From Forbes:

The sophistication of artificial intelligence (AI) software is giving rise to a healthy debate about human creativity v machine creativity.

Whilst there is general agreement that AI will eventually take over many task orientated jobs, there is skepticism over whether occupations that require high creative intelligence will become automated.

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One of the main benefits of AI is saving time on mundane tasks. Working with a machine can ease the workload for creatives and allow them more time for strategic and creative thinking. But it’s more than just a time saver. From providing data insight to enable marketers to better understand their consumers to ideating and iterating basic ideas to aid the creative process, AI can provide valuable support.

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AI is also a powerful tool and partner for musicians. There is an entire industry built around AI services for creating music. Big players like Google and Spotify are all getting a piece of the action. Many of the systems work by using deep learning, a type of AI that’s reliant on analyzing multiple layers of data. Dance anthems through to pop classics can be analyzed for their chords, tempo, length etc so the software can determine patterns and create music. AI platform Amper’s co-founder, Michael Hobe, says “It’s more of intelligence augmentation. For me, it’s allowing more people to be creative and then allowing the people who already have some of these creative aspects to really further themselves.”

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Recently, The & Partnership London turned to tech company Visual Voice to build an AI platform that could write the next Lexus ad script, with visual recognition support from IBM Watson. The first step was to feed the machine the right information. The AI was trained with Cannes Lions-winning car and luxury advertising – 15 years worth –  to find trends associated with acclaimed advertising and it was taught to be intuitive. This was done through drawing on emotional intelligence data and via a study conducted in partnership with applied scientists which explored intuition.

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Google’s AI boutique DeepMind is developing an AI with imagination. It’s this distinctly human ability to construct a plan, to see the consequences of actions before they are made, that could really shake things up.

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Here’s the Lexus ad created entirely by artificial intelligence:

3 thoughts on “Does AI Enhance Creativity?”

  1. “Does AI Enhance Creativity?”

    Ya see that big question mark at the end? Ya, short answer be nope.

    Can AI Enhance Creativity?

    That depends on the one using it. It cannot turn a random Jane/Joe/boss/idiot into a creative genius, but if used properly it can speed up a creative person’s progress.

    Case in point, I’m making a ‘house’ for one of my covers. I took a couple of years of drafting in HS (class of ’76!) and remember some the bits about ‘vanishing point perspectives’ but my hands shake a bit and it takes hours to draw – never mind hours more painting.

    Or I can power up the desktop and play in DAZ Studio. Not only can I draw/block out my house, but if I suddenly realize I’d like it better at a different angle it’s just a twist of a dial – rather than starting all over on that draft-board.

    So, ‘Does’ = no; ‘Can’ = depends on the joker playing with it! 😉

    MYMV and you always have the right tools for the job.

  2. We need a Naked Came The Stranger moment where people who consider themselves creative, and critics who praise their creativity, are left with nothing to say when an AI named Penelope takes the stage at the Hugos.

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