Early Morning Venice

PG was in a Venetian mood this morning.

The following is a photo PG took a few years ago while he was on an early-morning walk in Venice. As those who have visited this marvelous city know, walking along the canals is a great pleasure and one canal connects with another like the major city thoroughfares they are.

Another way of exploring Venice is to follow a sidewalk away from the canal. There may be something akin to a square western-style block somewhere in Venice, but PG has not discovered it.

Once you get away from the larger canals, the sidewalks become narrower and narrower, winding in between old buildings like an afterthought. On this particular morning, PG followed a very narrow sidewalk (turn sideways if you meet someone in order to squeeze past) which ended in a small courtyard pictured below. PG was standing at one corner of the courtyard with his camera pointed at the opposite corner. You’ll see a small portion of a wall on the right side of the photo.

No one seemed to be up and about. You’ll notice some closed shutters on the house at the left. PG suspects the laundry might have been hung out on the previous night. With water everywhere, it would take a bit of time for clothes to dry.

You can click on the photo to see a larger version if you like.

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  1. I’ve noticed in pics of Venice, those things in the middle of the courtyard. Are they water fountains?

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