Fast or Slow

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PG just discovered an interesting and potentially useful website.

Called Fast or Slow, it checks how responsive your website (or, apparently, any website) is in responding to various locations around the world.

Fast or Slow

PG is not certain exactly how accurate it is, but it seems (to his untutored eye) to provide potentially useful data. It’s sponsored by Wordfence, a reputable website security plugin.

4 thoughts on “Fast or Slow”

  1. I believe you might have changed a caching value somewhere. For the last few days every visit to PV has shown me the same older post (new york bookstores) and today, I decided to shift-reload (a tactic on firefox that bypasses the web cache) and can see days of activity that I’ve missed.

    • Reported that a few days ago, too. Although a plain page refresh works for me.

      Firefox here, too – anyone on Chrome, IE, etc. having the same problem? If not, I’ll poke around to see if FF is the culprit (stranger things have happened with updates).

      Edit addenda – it is a sporadic problem on my Firefox. No relation that I have found to what I am doing in the browser at the time, time of day, etc.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Dave.

      I’ll check to see if I can locate any configuration/server problems.

  2. I’ve been using it, although I’m not up on its usefulness. I’ve been trying to speed up my website, and I’m somewhat hampered by my lack of knowledge.

    I’ve been using GTMetrix as well as Google Page Speed to evaluate my sites, and tried the Hummingbird plug-in.

    I have found it an amusing process. I’ve learned that many authors, even best-selling authors, have slow websites. There’s one author who also sells his WordPress theme, and it ranked terrible on Google (a 17 for mobile).

    It may help to move to a shared cloud server, but the expense is what’s holding me back.

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