PG was just going through the latest comments, noting some very good ones, when he realized that Felix Torres needed to be recognized and thanked for the large number of excellent comments he has contributed to TPV over a long period of time.

Thank you, Felix, for your intelligent contributions that have enriched our understanding of an enormously wide range of topics for quite a long time.

PG does not believe there is a Commenter Hall of Fame, but when one is created, Felix will surely be among its first honorees.

By recognizing Felix, PG does not in any way mean to downplay the contributions of the many other regulars that make TPV such a rewarding place to visit, but he thinks those Commenter will agree about the breadth, depth and number of the comments Felix has contributed over an extended period of time.

15 thoughts on “Felix”

  1. (blush)
    Just trying to justify hanging around and picking brains.
    Few places left where you can compare notes freely these days.

  2. I have enjoyed the insightful and entertaining comments from Felix over the years. I am reasonably sure he is not a Russian bot or a wayward AI program. He must be the real deal. Keep up the good work, Felix!

  3. I have to emphatically agree (I do not always agree with Felix, though he’s normally right and is bloody good with relevant data and statictics, and apposite links of course)

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