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Forbes suggested Amazon should replace libraries, and people aren’t having it

23 July 2018

From FastCompany:

Forbes contributor wrote a short piece titled “Amazon Should Replace Local Libraries to Save Taxpayers Money,” arguing that libraries should be shuttered in return for Amazon opening bookstores in local communities. At the gist of the writer’s argument is that Starbucks has replaced libraries as a friendly place to go and read and streaming services like Amazon Prime Video have replaced video rentals, which many local libraries had provided.

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And then Twitter came to the rescue.

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“Seniors pay 200 or more to have someone do taxes, but the library does it for free. Free movies during the summer for kids. They make ice cream and crafts. During storms and emergencies they function as shelters. It’s almost like my tax dollars bring safety and joy to people.”

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“We provide computer and software training. We assist in job searches and all of the resources needed to do so. And in many rural communities, we are often the only source of internet access. In urban areas as well sometimes. Plus thousands of other services we offer.”

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“1/ My mother was a Librarian, and you are a simpleton.

In addition to what @vernaausten and others here have perfectly stated, many books, periodicals, recordings, microfilms, etc are still not digitized.

Amazon doesn’t offer local knowledge & Genealogical assistance…

2/ Amazon also doesn’t sponsor local special-interest seminars & clubs, or activities & workshops for teens & adults.

Amazon doesn’t offer English-language classes & ESL groups to help immigrants better their lives.

3/ And most importantly to every child & parent…

Amazon does not offer a hands-on experience– a treasure-trove of tactile learning, and a buffet of books, puzzles, videos, & experiences– for little kids to explore with their own hands & eyes.

4/ Studies have shown that kids who are given lots of experiences with paper books, learn to read & develop a deeper love of reading, far more than children who are given primarily a cell phone or iPad to read on. (Ebooks tend to be ignored in favor of games.)

We NEED Libraries!”

Link to the rest at FastCompany

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7 Comments to “Forbes suggested Amazon should replace libraries, and people aren’t having it”

  1. As I posted previously, the Forbes post has been taken down.

    What astounds me about this is that the guy is a professor at a private university. The quoted parts of the post are completely logic-free. If it were turned in by a freshman it should have received a ‘D’. Instead, he’s a department chair? People pay good money to learn what he thinks? Really?

    • They’re so in need of filler they borrow HuffPo pieces …

      And thanks to that department chair, we now know of another university that must be little more than a diploma mill with this type of staff …

    • Terrence OBrien

      What astounds me about this is that the guy is a professor at a private university.

      Critical thinking.

  2. In the voice of Gomer Pile: “Surprise, surprise, surprise …” 😉

  3. 95% of the Big 5 published books I read each year are borrowed from the public library. I figure I pay for the books with my taxes anyway.

  4. I haven’t used libraries lately, but when I was a kid I spent so much time at the one near my home. There were programs and all sorts of things to do. People need to lose the mentality of ‘Because I don’t use it, therefore, it’s not needed.’

  5. I gave my son a kindle and he reads the heck out of it. I agree cell phones are crap to read on, same as tablets. But a paperwhite is superior in everyway. They need to stop thees idiotic studies between reading a book and playing a video game. Of course the game is going to win!!!

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