From the very beginning

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It is…highly probable that from the very beginning, apart from death, the only ironclad rule of human experience has been the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Ian Tattersall

3 thoughts on “From the very beginning”

  1. Correct.
    Now try to explain that to politicians and activists of all stripes, always pushing for simplistic “solutions”. See how far you get.

    • Politicians know exactly what they’re doing. If their so-called solutions actually solved anything, they would run out of problems. ‘Solutions’ that make the problems worse give them sound bites in the news today and something to rile up the rubes with next election.

      As for activists, well, recall what Lenin is supposed to have said about ‘useful idiots’.

      • I think you give the pols too much credit.
        Particularly today’s breed, who to name just two examples, think there is no limit to government spending because “they can always print more money” and that “rural folks have nowhere to copy their voter ID. No Kinkos or Office Max.”

        Plenty more examples all over, not just malapropisms, but clear ignorance of economics, geography, technology, and yes, the Law of Unintended consequences. A bunch of Chauncey Gardiners the lot of them.

        You are correct though that their intent is never innocent or positive. And they do prefer a contentios issue to a solved problem. A recent president said as much in a candid moment.

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