Giving up Is Not an Option: Book Censorship News

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From Book Riot:

We’re all tired.

The coordinated attacks on everything from Drag Queen story hours to Pride displays to individual books in libraries is going into its second year.

While many have been waking up to this — which happens when it’s not just in those red communities, but in your own as well — we’re hitting the point of quitting.

. . . .

In this week’s recap of the American Booksellers Association’s Winter Institute, the response to book bans was a resounding…we don’t have solutions.

. . . .

As the largest organization for booksellers whose majority are not public employees and thus, not subject to the laws and governance of the public, this level of giving up is complicity. It is lazy, it is unethical, and it’s blatantly incorrect.

How many of us have laid out the solutions for you, week after week, day after day, for nearly two years? Who have done the work for you in writing talking points, in petitions, in tireless and often thankless (and stolen and uncredited) work that exposes exactly who is behind the rise of fascism book bans.

The solution is showing up to the polls.

The solution is writing to your representatives.

The solution is informing your customers through accurate, up-to-date information, more than a book display highlighting the same tired white men classics wheeled out every time it’s convenient to make a buck, rather than educate or enlighten communities about what’s really at stake — and who.

The solution is running for school and library board.

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