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23 May 2019

PG has been focused on finishing a client project all day.

He apologizes for no posts today.

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7 Comments to “Gone”

  1. Actually good to know you put your clients before some silly blog. 😉

  2. Paying work comes first! But we’ll be glad when you can come back to us. 🙂

  3. I’m just glad you are okay. I’d been a little worried!

  4. Well! Don’t expect me to pay you, then!

  5. Thanks. Read it to the bitter end.

    It is a testament to the compulsion to write and tell stories that the only essential part of the system, the writers, can be treated like this, usually with impunity. (The music business has similar tales.)

    With royalties that are an insult to start with.

    Every time I reread Stephen King’s On Writing, as I have been doing lately, the split on the paperback of Carrie – half to the publishers – sticks in my craw. They made money like bandits when he often couldn’t afford ‘the pink stuff’ for his small children.

    I’ve read too many stories like Dan Rhodes’.

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