Happy Holidays

Mrs. PG has PG hard at work preparing for out-of-town guests and other accoutrements of the Christmas season.

PG seldom feels old, but hauling a variety of Christmas cheer burdens upstairs from their normal abodes can cause him to feel that way, especially in the spinal region, a carry-over from a motorcycle accident that occurred during his freshman year in college. He doesn’t think about college very much, except when his back gets sore.

PG just realized that the mental connection he has between the hallowed halls of ivy and a sore back may be a cause of his resistance to the many solicitations for donations that have issued from those halls over the centuries since he graduated.

Alma mater did nothing to cause PG’s accident, but it did occur on a street that bisected the campus, so PG thinks that Freud would have a good explanation for what happens when he receives yet another suggestion to send money.

And, of course, there were those student loan payments that followed him for a period of time after he graduated.