Has TikTok burst the Zuckerbubble?

From The Economist

“Instagram is well and truly in its flop era,” comments one TikToker—Gen-Z-speak for the platform, owned by Meta, falling out of favour with today’s youth. Reflecting on the disappointing earnings of his firm earlier this year, Meta’s boss, Mark Zuckerberg, acknowledged that TikTok was a big competitor. In the first quarter of 2022 the total number of downloads of the video-sharing app from the App Store and Google Play reached 3.5bn, according to Sensor Tower, a research firm (see chart). TikTok is only the fifth app to pass that milestone, and the only one not owned by Meta. Since 2018 it has been downloaded more times than any other app.

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2 thoughts on “Has TikTok burst the Zuckerbubble?”

  1. It’s all the kids watch – I know this from personal experience.

    If you have something aimed at teens, more or less, then you should figure it out. Older folks? Well, “your Mom’s on Facebook” is a meme for a good reason.

  2. My 21 year old daughter is on Tik-Tok. I don’t think that she even smelled the aroma of FB, even by accident. Which is a good thing, since I don’t think I can handle watching her Tik Tok videos, even by accident.

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