HC Union Files Grievance After Unit Chair Terminated

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From Publishers Weekly:

The HarperCollins union has filed an Unfair Labor Practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board against the publisher after HC laid off Children’s Books associate editor and union head Stephanie Guerdan last week. In a statement released yesterday, the union alleged that Guerdan was “wrongfully terminated” in a retaliatory measure against her role as the union’s unit chair.

“The company is continuing to spend their resources on union-busting, going so far as to fire our Unit Chair,” said Local 2110 UAW president Olga Brudastova. “Stephanie has had an impeccable career at HarperCollins spanning over six years. They were outspoken about their support for the Union and have been very involved in every action the Union has taken, including serving as a shop steward, being part of the bargaining committee, and most recently acting as Unit Chair. Members of our Union are outraged and will not allow the company to succeed in these scare tactics.”

The HC Union also pointed out that Guerdan’s termination came on the eve of a one-day strike organized by the union last year on July 20, which was then followed by a longer strike that spanned three months.

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Of course traditional publishing oppresses the powerless individual. It’s owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

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  1. If the person’s pronoun is indeed “they” – there could well be another reason besides “their” union activities.

    Publishing – although late to the game, as usual – is beginning to realize that attempting to appeal to an extremely niche audience (which largely does not read, in any case) is not profitable.

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