Hilariously Bad Book Covers: L. M. Montgomery Edition

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From the Tea and Ink Society:

Apparently, there’s a plethora of people who try to cash in on the popularity of classic novels–and the fact that these classics are in the public domain–by slapping together their own edition with a cheesy cover.

As I sifted through my findings of awful book covers, I realised I have so many of Anne of Green Gables alone, that today’s post will be dedicated to cringe-worthy Anne of Green Gables book covers. I’ve included some other L. M. Montgomery book covers, too.

Rest assured, I love Montgomery’s novels, and thus these terrible covers are practically a crime. But they’re funny too because they are so far off the mark. See what I mean…

Link to the rest at Tea and Ink Society

Note the spelling of Anne’s name on the following cover.

1 thought on “Hilariously Bad Book Covers: L. M. Montgomery Edition”

  1. They are pretty horrible but, to be honest, once a book is on my Kindle I never see the cover so don’t really much care about it. I’d be much more concerned about the text itself, as there have been plenty of reports of this being badly mangled in such productions. Probably best to just download the Project Gutenberg or fadedpage.com versions; I imaging the amazonclassics one is okay, and the cover is not too bad, but it looks like Amazon may now be charging for these?

    Bad covers are not, of course, limited to public domain books. Those on amazon.uk for the kindle versions of John Wyndams SF are much, much worse and appear to be published by Penguin (who years ago gave the original paperbacks quite acceptable covers).

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