Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny Teaming up on New Political Mystery Novel

From BookRiot:

If you love political mysteries, you’re in for a treat this October when a novel hits shelves written from an interesting new perspective: that of former Secretary of State and presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton is teaming up with award-winning Canadian mystery writer Louise Penny to co-write State of Terror, which tells the story of a newly appointed U.S. Secretary of State who must solve a series of terrorist attacks. The book will hit shelves on October 12, and is being jointly published by Clinton and Penny’s publishers, Simon & Schuster and St. Martin’s Press respectively.

State of Terror takes place just after a four-year presidential term that pulled America away from the world stage. A novice Secretary of State is appointed by her political rival, and shortly after, the country is rocked by multiple terrorist attacks. The Secretary must put together a team capable of finding the source of the attacks while also preventing the American government from crumbling.

Clinton’s political experience influences several aspects of the new novel. After losing to former President Barack Obama in the 2008 election, Clinton was appointed by Obama to serve as Secretary of State for four years. The novel is also influenced by the Trump administration’s “America First” foreign policy tactics.

. . . .

Penny shared that she “couldn’t say yes fast enough” to writing a book with Clinton. “Before we started, we talked about her time as Secretary of State. What was her worst nightmare? ‘State of Terror’ is the answer.”

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PG felt an impulse to be snide, but perhaps recent intensive grandchild therapy has mellowed him out.

For the time being.

Curators of our culture are hard at work, even under present circumstances. Where would our culture be without them?

8 thoughts on “Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny Teaming up on New Political Mystery Novel”

  1. Since PG has been overly mellowed (in a very good way!), I shall insert the snide for him.

    HRC has not, although being a fabulist for her entire life, not ever mastered the essential ingredient of fiction – causing the auditor to willingly suspend their disbelief.

    Without even reading more than this blurb, one immediately struck me. While there have been / are extraordinarily inept occupants of the White House, I cannot imagine even one that would task the State Department to solve a campaign of terror attacks. The place is familiarly known as “Foggy Bottom” for a very good reason.

    • Supposedly Bill Clinton’s collaboration with James Patterson sold hundreds of thousands of copies, so it’s likely this will as well. One wonders how many will actually be read and how many will simply be left on bookshelves as a mark of political affiliation.

      • I don’t know. The OP describes her co-author as “award winning” – but is she “best selling”? There is frequently a rather large gap between the two. (Hundreds of thousands is quite good, but when you compare it to the three hundred million or so that JP has racked up…)

  2. “Halt! Stop right there and put down that gun, Mr. Terrorist, or I will write a strongly worded memorandum!”

  3. If this book is even 1% of her very crappy podcast (yes, both her and the mister have podcasts on the IHeart platform), this book will only be for those people who like the current fiction being foisted on the general public.

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