His Mysterious Lady

Mrs. PG was happy to see one of her regencies was the Number 1 Amazon Regency Bestseller yesterday – His Mysterious Lady

Living a sheltered life, PG was unaware that Amazon has two Regency bestseller lists – Books > Romance > Historical > Regency and  Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Historical Romance > Regency. Mrs. PG’s book ranked #1 in both. It was #2 when PG put up this post.

Mrs. PG entered this book into the Kindle Scout program and Kindle Press picked it up in mid-2017.


11 thoughts on “His Mysterious Lady”

  1. I’m puzzled as to why this is happening now. It’s about a year since I got my free copy for nominating it and I would not have expected it to suddenly appear as a bestseller now. Has Mrs. PG discovered a new secret marketing approach?

    Anyway, congratulations to Mrs. PG.

    • Even though Kindle Scout no longer accepts submissions, it’s a good bet they are still running promotions on all of the selections Kindle Press published as they have in the past. They were doing this approximately every ninety days after publication or so it was said.

      Then again, maybe Mrs. PG is onto something new and is willing to share?

      Congrats Mrs. PG.

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