How We See the World

Perhaps not directly related to books and writing at first glance, but it may provide some ideas about how different characters view the world and themselves and how they may wish to craft the way others see them.

Per his personal interest in photography, PG will note that apps and programs to enhance and modify photographs have exploded since the advent of cell phone cameras. Not that long ago, Photoshop and Lightroom were pretty much the only games in town, but now modifications that would have taken a long time to get right with those expensive tools are possible in seconds with a $3.00 app.

PG apologizes for the autoplay setting. The video is in a format that didn’t provide an option to permit the viewer to decide whether/when to start the video.


9 thoughts on “How We See the World”

  1. An ad autoplays every time I refresh the article or the page, so I won’t be returning to TPV today. (It’s hitting my anxiety in a bad way.)

    • Sorry, Ashe.

      The video was not a familiar format and I couldn’t discover any app that would change its settings.

  2. Nothing autoplayed for me (Chrome for Android). That autoplay blocked setting must actually work!

    However, the same cannot be said for Windows as it autoplays even though I’ve got chrome//flags set to stop it and this used to work. Weird. At least the sound is muted, though if you actually want to see the video this is kind of the worst of worlds.

    And PG you should really switch to https to stop the scary messages/icons.

  3. Well, I spent the last two nights going back and trying to update and then even fisk my own post from five years ago about pricing. What a fool’s errand.

    The post was so out of date, I just kept shaking my head in amazement and wondering who wrote it.

    I was looking at it through 2017 glasses and a ton of new knowledge. Stunning, just stunning how many changes in this business have happened.

  4. No problem, the pause button works (and the system’s sound is always set to zero unless I see something I want to check out.)

    One thing about those apps is that they may be sending a copy of you pre/post pic to the mothership and may even try claiming rights to them, so read the EULA before loading it.

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