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I decided to write Westerns

22 January 2017

I decided to write Westerns because there was a terrific market for Westerns in the ’50s. There were a lot of pulp magazines, like ‘Dime Western’ and ’10 Story Western’ that were still being published. The better ones paid two cents a word. And I thought, ‘I like Westerns.’

Elmore Leonard


4 Comments to “I decided to write Westerns”

  1. But he couldn’t stop himself from doing it well – I will always be grateful for Tire in the Hole – and Justified.

    The language!

  2. Ben Haas wrote 130 books under a variety of pen names in 16 years starting around 1961. A lot of those were pulp westerns in the Fargo and Sundance series as “John Benteen.”


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